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The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Assn. Scholarship fund sponsors annual events, such as a charity auction and a motorcycle rally, to earn monies to make an annual scholarship possible.  This award will assist students pursuing their education beyond high school.  This award is available to students who qualify under the listed guidelines and are from the Greater Cleveland area. This award will be based on a point system, with each student qualifying for specific points from a checklist described on the application.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Each applicant must be a high school senior (12th grade) and must pursue a four-year degree, or trade school. Award must be used in the year awarded. Forfeited awards must be signed by both parent and applicant.

SELECTION OF RECIPIENT: Applicants will complete ALL information on the application. The applicant receiving the most points from the criteria list in the application will be notified of scholarship award.

SCHOLARSHIP RULES AND REGULATIONS: Scholarship must be used in year granted. Recipient must sign waiver and release in case of scholarship denial. Applicants must provide documented proof of checked criteria (e.g. tax forms). Any checked criteria without documentation included in application submission will subtract from total.

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association